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Welcome to the Spring Mountain Estates Website

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2/28/2012 - The Home Owners Association (HOA) has been approved

The HOA votes have been tallied and the results are complete. We now have an HOA Board that will act to collect dues as the main focus. Bills for 2012 HOA dues will be sent shortly. In the near term, the primary goal of the dues is to maintain the common property and protect our investments. Heavy emphasis will be placed on keeping the roads in good condition so everyone can reach their property. The HOA board actions will be posted on this website for anyone interested in keeping track. Thanks to all of the participants who voted.

11/26/2011 - Reorganization of the Home Owners Association

An effort to reorganize the Home Owners Association is in process to bring the owners together to protect their investments. Monarch Development no longer exists and the Association was never maintained. This lead to the roads being neglected which has created difficult access to some properties. The current status is that the documents that define the Association are being looked up and will be posted on this website for all the residents to read. Once everyone reads the documents and understands the process, decisions will need to be made to elect officers More...

11/25/2011 - Spring Mountain Estates Website

The Spring Mountain Estates website was created to bring our community together by being able to communicate even though most of us live far away from our property. Every property will be assigned an account on this website to be able to log in and voice their opinions on community subjects as well as create a web page of their own if so desired.


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