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Thank you John Vaughters for creating this website. This is a great first step to keep everyone informed. I will be sending out both an email and a snail mail letter to make sure everyone is informed of this website. Soon we will be sending out ballots for executive board members (President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer). Because of Thanksgiving, I must admit I haven't been able to continue the effort in obtaining the documents, but will continue my efforts this week. The company that apparantly has thesed documents and filed them for Monarch Developments is as follows: CT CORPORATION SYSTEM 150 FAYETTEVILLE ST., BOX 1011 RALEIGH NC 27601. As soon as I receive them I'll let everyone know.

Tom Payne Lot#9


Good News!

The ballots have been sent out and we are on our way to voting on the executive board. John Vaughters has agreed to run for President. This is excellent since he is in closer proximity to the property and can check up on it from time to time. I will run for Vice President and Danny Erben will run for Secretary/ Treasurer. It is very important for everyone to send back the ballots as soon as possible so they can be counted. We need at least 60% for it to be final, otherwise we will have to do the vote again. Along with the ballot is a letter and a return envelope. All you have to do is either place a check by the names, or write in one and then send it back. Thank you for all your votes.

Tom Payne

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